Got root on MacOS?

Hey you root lovers, no, it’s not a dream, you can haz root on MacOS, too. First, out of security reasons, I recommend to use sudo to do all the nasty stuff on the console. If that ain’t enough, the root users needs to be enabled first. As on most modern Linux distributions, you can […]

MacOS and locked files

Hey peeps around the world, recently I copied some files from one mac to another via network. At first, the access rights on the remote computer were messed up somehow. The nobody user had its finger in the pie. Finally, I’ve made it to copy the files. Now that the files were on my disk, […]

UDEV, USB and permissions

Hi peeps, I’ve been stumbling on this so many times, so I decided to dedicate this post to the following issue: If you connect an USB device to your computer, trying to access it under Linux, you might run into permission issues caused by the UDEV daemon. In my case, I was trying to connect […]

Emacs quoted insert

Good morning folks out there, I’ve got another neat little feature of emacs for you today, it’s called quoted insert. I stumbled on this, because I use spaces for code indentation in my emacs, but I needed to insert an actual TAB character. So, in this situation, the combination C-q <TAB> is the way to […]

Sync with Google on MacOS

Hey people out there, daddy’s got a brand new toy to play with. I’ve bought myself a macBook pro and this piece of pleasure impresses me again day after day. I’ve just discovered that one can sync the addressbook app with their google account. Here you go: Edit the file ~/Library/Preferences/ 1 { Devices = […]

GDB command

Hey folks, I’ve just discovered another neat feature of gdb: command. I was in a situation where I needed to watch a certain variable on each breakpoint hit. Generally, this is pretty easy in gdb using its watch-feature. Unfortunately, the variable under consideration was a QString. Now, we already have some experience with those little […]

Linux and itunescompilation id3

I was looking for a tool to set the itunescompilation (see here) ID3-field of certain mp3-files. This is necessary for iTunes to recognize that imported files belong to a compilation (or not). Most of the (decent) Linux tools for id3 tagging are not able to perform that task (including EasyTag). Fortunately, I found eyeD3 (see […]

Start Emacs with GDB directly

Hey folks out there, as we all know, Emacs has a very powerful (graphical) interface to our beloved debugger GDB. Until five minutes ago, I used to start a program in debug mode by first starting emacs and then invoking M-x gdb, which can take a long time to navigate to the desired binary. Furthermore, […]

Convert FLAC to MP3

These days I needed to convert some FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio files to mp3. As usual when dealing with audio/video formats, there are lots of (useless) tools available on the internet, most of them being shareware or even voruses (windows). Fortunately, this is a strength of Linux … at least if you are […]

Print QStrings in GDB

If you will ever have to go through the hell of debugging Qt-applications, you might face the problem of printing the contents of QString objects. If you call print on a QString object in gdb, the output will most probably look like the following: {static null = {<No data fields>}, static shared_null = {ref = […]